New Govinda Visuals by Sey Smith

Check out this awesome visual of Jordan Remar with Shane Madden a.k.a Govinda’s ethereal track “Wind in the Garden” shot by Sey Smith.

Mage-isms 001 : Show Up For Yourself

I was inspired the other night after staying up all night doing some deep internal work to start making videos about who I am and what I do. I realized that I haven't really introduced myself to the world yet and I have a lot to say that sometimes gets canned up and...

Conscious Collaboration Workshop at Soulace 9/20/17

Circadian Creations is delighted to bring to you a workshop on the Art of Collaboration through the scope of Visionary Arts. Have you ever wanted to step outside of your comfort zone and create on the same canvas as another amazing artist? Have you ever wanted to...

Hawkwind Herbal Weekend Recap

This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to share my experience in herbalism at  Hawkwind Earth Renewal Cooperative. I am currently writing an in length recap but for the time being here are the pictures!

Actual Eyes: Barefoot Farm Quest

The Quest to Actual Eyes Once upon a time, a hero was born. It was YOU! All of your life you have felt it, something beyond that you which you have been told, something deeper... interwoven into the very fabric of existence, unspeakable. At first, it seemed to be...