Jordan Remar

Jordan Remar is an artist living and creating in Austin , Tx. Inspired by her travels and love of dancing, she often creates composition with a strong sense of movement. From turbulent oceans to graceful dancers to internal spiritual awakenings, Jordan’s subject matter always displays immense motion even in stillness. To her, there is always a new beginning and a transformative end, and they always feel connected and circular.

Although she gained most of her digital knowledge while she was studying for a Bachelor’s in Commercial Illustration at Nossi College of Art, she has been drawing and painting her entire life. Jordan feels fortunate to have learned from so many great and inspirational artists along her travels, and feels that much of her growth has been fostered by these continued relationships with her mentors. Furthermore, Jordan is a firm believer in collaboration with other artists as a vehicle for creative expansion, which is why she is so passionate about her role in Circadian Creations.

Jordan is has created work for many charities and non profit organizations, live painted at all kinds of events from music festivals to fashion shows, created murals for businesses & private homes, branded & designed promotional materials for a wide variety of clients, and even branched out into apparel & merchandising. She feels energized by her work and plans to continue her expansion into the world through expression. Find her contact info for commission, collaboration, or any other inquiries.


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Mixed Media & Digital