Brent Hanvey


Brent Hanvey is a multi-dimensional expression of creativity. His first introduction to graphic design was in 1998 when his parents started a T-shirt printing business in their garage and being to show him the ropes. Since then he has worked in out of the music scene as Hip Hop/EDM Producer and MC playing shows and opening for acts such as Eliot Lipp, Two Fresh, Excision, and 12th Planet.

In March of 2016 he spent a month in the Gandoca National Forest on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica receiving training and certification as a Yoga Teacher while simultaneously feeding the growth of the Aspiring Herbologist within. Through his life he have taken many odd jobs to support himself and has been sustaining as a free lance designer for the past 8 years. In that time of working self-employed there has been plenty of off time to learn and expand, I have taught myself the ins and outs of organic gardening. I have completely transformed the property that my family lives on in South Nashville and care for around 45 different varieties of plants and growing (pun intended). I am also an aspiring practitioner of the healing arts. I have been attuned to Reiki I, have learned a lot of techniques in massage therapy, plant medicine, tai-chi, meditation, etc.

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